Sunday, 11 October 2009

Credit Crunch - a New Victim?

Being an overweight middle aged man brings with it certain medical issues. I have mine. Compared to many people mine are very mild and are pharmacologically resolved by me popping a couple of pills a day.

My GP is actually rather good at looking after me, encouraging me to lose weight (tick), do more exercise (tick), eat a healthier diet (tick) and stay on the medication (oh dear).

The problem: it is increasingly difficult to get the BP tablets that I am prescribed.

I am told by two pharmacists that they are in short supply and the reason is the side-effects of the Credit Crunch. As far as I can make out, the makers are having cash flow problems, which leads to shortages. I suspect that the actual reasons are far more complex than this, but nonetheless having to scour London for the right pills is a pain.

I thought this sort of thing only happened in Third World Countries, not Britain in the 21st Century...

... dawning realisation ...

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